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Sign Up With DEP

Sign your business up with the Digital Economy Program to take your business' online presence from zero to one.

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School of Business Consulting Group consultants with business owners

About the Digital Service Squad

The Alberta School of Business Consulting Group was founded in 2014 to give students an opportunity to learn practical skills to complement their academic career and help develop the business community in return. The Consulting Group educates students through hands-on learning while providing students with insight into their career paths. Over 200 students have completed the program and have gone on to have rewarding careers. The Consulting Group is part of the Centre for Cities and Communities, which is home to an advisory board that represents the leaders and founders of the real estate, retail and city building community.

About the Digital Economy Program

The Digital Economy Program is funded by the Government of Alberta to allow this service to be delivered at completely no cost. The program is delivered through a partnership between participating communities in Alberta, the University of Alberta, Business Link, and Digital Main Street.

95% of businesses in Alberta are small businesses, supporting them in a competitive world is critical. That’s why your community has joined the Digital Economy Program to offer you and your business an opportunity to transform your online presence. 

The Digital Economy Program's Digital Service Squad provides FREE 1-on-1 assistance with digital services to small businesses in Alberta. Participating small businesses will learn to use and maintain digital tools that are essential to succeed in today’s competitive environment. The Digital Economy Program will equip you with the skills you need to expand your business’s digital reach. Help is on the way.

To take advantage of this program for your small business, sign up now! You’ll be paired up with a Digital Service Squad consultant who will assess your needs and put together a work plan. Then the magic happens.

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