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The University of Alberta School of Business Consulting Group has positions available for the Digital Economy Program - Digital Service Squad.  

The project will involve collaborating with key stakeholders and business owners in communities within Alberta by providing hands-on assistance for small businesses with their adoption of technology, including the development and implementation of digital platforms that would help them market online and engage in eCommerce.

Students will take part in building a web presence for businesses through building websites, building brand awareness through the design of logos, building or improving social media presence, implementing eCommerce platforms, and conducting market research. Successful award recipients will gain experience in training businesses on digital tools, conducting market research, and building collaborative relationships.


Positions Available 


The primary role of the DSS Consultant is to work one-on-one with small businesses and deliver the services offered by the program which includes on-boarding assistance, advisory services, activation and implementation services. 

By providing hands-on assistance in the use of various online tools, the DSS Consultant will work with multiple businesses to achieve their individual goals and objectives for enhancing their digital presence. 

This position will run from May - September 2024

*Hours Required: Minimum of 30 Hours per Week

  • Working one-on-one with business clients to analyze their online needs and implement any changes or activate essential business tools 

  • Providing guidance, resources, and recommendations to businesses on how they can enhance and progress their digital profile

  • Managing the communication of multiple ongoing businesses at a time

  • Working collaboratively with other DSS Consultants and team members 

  • Consistently reporting key metrics, outcomes, and other relevant data. 

  • Must be a current University of Alberta student 

  • Ability to self-teach various digital skills

  • Strong interpersonal and relationship-building/relationship management skills.

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.

  • Be familiar with digital technologies for small businesses (e.g. : website, social media, e-commerce, ads, SEO, etc) 

Accepting applications April 9th - April 22nd

(or until positions are filled)

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