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Settlement Investment Corporation

A design-based project with the Settle Investment Corporation (SIC) focused on building and aesthetic and user-friendly website alongside building a brand guide for the website and future marketing/promotional materials. With its implementation,  Metis business owners are now experiencing a more streamlined process to apply for SIC services and funding, and SIC have seen a 20% conversion rate (MADE UP)  by making their online application more accommodating.

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 11.28.43 AM.png


Revamped Website

With this revamped website, SIC have been able to integrate their website into numerous platforms, and essentially made their online application process and contact process more seamless for their customers. SIC are now able to appropriately showcase their competency, and portray all relevant information to their customers.


Brand Guide

With an upgraded colour palette and typography SIC in strengthening their identity by better incorporating their community colours into their promotional materials. A revamped branding guide let SIC enter the modern and upgrade their brand image.

SIC Logo.png
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