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Who We Are

The vision of the School of Business Consulting Group is to showcase and advocate excellence in consulting careers and academic research. Our work in the community continues to engage, inspire, and motivate students in the Alberta School of Business to choose a career in consulting


A Youthful Perspective

​​Our team of over 40 student consultants consists of 14 majors, ranging from Accounting, Operations Management, Marketing and Political Science. We combine that with our unique work experiences and a few inspiring team leads, we are ready to take on any project regardless of the magnitude.

We incorporate our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and education into helping your business take its next steps.

Meet Our Talented Team

Our services are provided by talented Bachelor of Commerce students at the University of Alberta School of Business. Each of our Digital Consultants is trained in digital marketing, branding, and consulting in order to provide you with a high-quality and insightful experience. Get to know our consultants a little bit more!


Want to Work with Us?

We create meaningful changes for our clients — digital transformations, enabled by technology and molded through creativity.

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